Chewing Tobacco Not The Only Reason For Oral Cancer

It is a widespread belief that chewing tobacco is directly related to oral cancer. We certainly cannot disregard this belief. In fact, this belief is more of a theory. Chewing tobacco does lead to oral cancer. However, you may ask whether it is the only cause behind the disease. The answer is no! There are […]

Still Waiting To Use Your Dental Insurance? Redeem it now or lose $1000

Dental insurance can be a real beast! It can get complicated and confusing. Maximums, deductibles, allowable amounts, standard fees, preventive, basic, major, maxed out….Whew! Don’t worry, we have your back. Keep reading for some clarification and how to ensure you are getting the most out of your plan. First of all, let’s start with the […]

Tooth Luxation and its Different Variants

Precisely, tooth luxation is the dislodgement of tooth that takes place almost invisibly. The normal position of the tooth in its alveolus is disrupted. There may be a number of reasons behind this. Most commonly, a trauma leads to disruption of ligaments and tissues that are responsible for holding the tooth. Depending on the direction […]

Why do Implant-Supported Dentures Score Over the Conventional Ones?

The concept of implant supported dentures is the brainchild of some of the latest developments in modern dentistry. Traditionally, dentures are the conventional replacements for your missing teeth. Be it a few missing teeth or the entire set of teeth in either of your jaws, dentures are a set of artificial teeth that are fitted […]

Invisalign in the Era of Modern Cosmetic Dentistry

  The USP of Invisalign lies in the fact that they are a set of clear, see-through braces that not only align your teeth, but also, allows retaining your original smile. While putting on these orthodontic appliances, your day-to-day smile is not hampered. You need not remain conscious whenever you smile. So, a set of clear […]

5 Important Dental Care Tips for Your Family

Does dental advice mean only brushing, flossing and regular oral care activities? No. There are a lot more to it. The topic of discussion in this post would be something of the like. A few dental tips that you should commonly know are listed below. They would help you in meeting your dental care needs […]

Feeling Sensitive? Know 9 Significant Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Well I feel sensitive teeth are more irritating than painful. You literally get a sudden shock running down your nerves while the teeth comes in contact with the stimulant! And finally you are hardly able to enjoy the drink you are sipping or your favorite cookies that you wanted nibble on. Therefore, a sensitive tooth […]

6 Best Dental Apps Useful for Dentists and Their Patients

  Quite naturally, nowadays there seems to be no single aspect in our daily lives that cannot be made easier and better by the use of mobile apps. From brushing early in the morning (there are apps to instill bushing habits in your kids) to getting salon services at home, app-based living is the modern […]

All About a Root Canal Treatment

  A root canal is essentially an endodontic (inside the tooth) treatment, where the root of the tooth is treated. A tooth broadly has two parts – a crown and the roots. The upper visible part that contains your chewing surface is the crown and the lower part which finally embeds in your gums, is […]