Teeth Grinding Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards and Night Guards

For patients experiencing tooth wear due to nighttime grinding and jaw clenching We recommend an occlusal appliance commonly called a Occlusal guard or Night Guard  to help alleviate the complications associated with the condition. It is not uncommon for tooth wear to be associated with certain airway or breathing conditions so we may discuss this with you as well. An occlusal appliance is a device that is worn in the mouth overnight and creates a barrier between your upper and lower teeth eliminating the damage they cause by rubbing against each other. 

It also promotes improved jaw and bite alignment which can help address uneven tooth wear. Research has shown that a well-designed hard appliance will help  to relax the musculature reducing wear even when it is not being worn. There are several designs and styles of appliance available to assist with treatment. We will expertly design your individualized appliance to ensure optimal bite alignment and maximum protection from additional tooth wear given the potential for costly dental treatments caused by untreated tooth wear. It is critical to work closely with your doctor to proactively treat the issue before more damages occur

types of dental mouth guards?

Custom-fitted Guards

Custom-fitted mouth guards are designed individually and made in the dental office based on your dentists’ prescription. We will first make an impression of your teeth and then mold the mouth guard over the model. This type of mouth guard provides the most protection and comfort.

Stock Mouth Guards

Stock mouth protectors that come ready to wear. These are inexpensive and can be bought at most sporting goods stores. However, you cannot adjust their fit, they tend to be bulky and sometimes make breathing and talking difficult. Additionally, these types of mouth guards provide minimal protection.

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