The USP of Invisalign lies in the fact that they are a set of clear, see-through braces that not only align your teeth, but also, allows retaining your original smile. While putting on these orthodontic appliances, your day-to-day smile is not hampered. You need not remain conscious whenever you smile. So, a set of clear aligners lets you be yourself whenever you are interacting with other people. To top it all, aligners let you get rid of the pros of traditional braces!

So what are the things that Invisalign aligners ascertain?

How has Invisalign evolved over the years?

Invisalign came into the market around 1997. The first set of aligners, to gently reposition and straighten the teeth was available to the public in 2000. Being the first-of-its kind, it offered a more comfortable and effective way to straighten the misaligned teeth. The first set of aligners focused on adult teeth and helped individuals achieve healthier smiles in a more cosmetic and private way. The aligners were completely clear and couldn’t be seen by the average person.

However, results were not as predictable as technology suggested. The reason being – success of the aligners were totally dependent upon the patient wearing them consistently for 20-22 hours a day. There were even patients who lost trays or simply wore them in the wrong sequence!

In course of time, as the technology of 3D printing arrived, Invisalign evolved into an amazing device for comfortable tooth movement. 3D scanning and printing technology is used to create a virtual image of your mouth to make your aligners perfectly custom-fitted.

What do you get with Invisalign?

What Invisalign saves you from?

There have been professional dentists around, who themselves have gone for Invisalign and were overwhelmed with the results! In future while recommending Invisalign to their patients, they could share their experience, as their own guinea pig, with their patients!