Every year, people lose hundreds of dollars by letting their dental benefits expire. If you have dental insurance, you might be throwing away money by letting the year end without seeing the dentist.

Here are some good reasons to book your dental appointment ASAP:

You don’t want to waste your deductible.

Every dental plan has a deductible that resets every year, which is the amount of money you have to spend out of your own pocket before your dental insurance will cover anything. If you wait and it resets, you’ll have to pay that deductible all over again before you can get any coverage again.

You haven’t used up your yearly maximum coverage amount.

For example yearly maximums are usually around $1,000 and then they reset, so if you only use $700 of it you will be saying goodbye to $300 worth of dental care!

You pay for it, so use it!​​​​

Most dental insurance covers 100% of the cost of certain preventive services, including checkups, cleanings and X-Rays. This is because these types of dental services can save people (and insurance providers) lots of time and money down the road. With regular exams and cleanings, you can stop cavities before they start, and catch small problems before they get big. If you have any free dental services that you have not yet used, now’s your chance to get that smile in good shape for the holidays.

Don’t let your dental benefits go to waste, call or make an appointment now as time is running out.