Quite naturally, nowadays there seems to be no single aspect in our daily lives that cannot be made easier and better by the use of mobile apps. From brushing early in the morning (there are apps to instill bushing habits in your kids) to getting salon services at home, app-based living is the modern style of living!

Oral care apps can perform various functions. Things that they aid in are like:

The list could go on as dental apps today not only come to rescue of commoners and patients but also the dentists too! Since apps come in 2 to 3 variants like ‘paid’, ‘free’, ‘pay to upgrade and add features’, etc. you need to carefully choose one before you are all set to download them. So, here is a list of the few popular dental apps today:


Your ‘Dental Expert’ app primarily answers all dental questions that could possibly occur to you, such as:

This app is free to download and available for all iOS users. It has some interesting sections like the myth and factcorner for you which is interesting enough to read through! Therefore, you can try out ‘dental expert’ if you are planning your next dental visit, or feel the need to give your oral health some extra care.


This app directly allows you to connect with your dentist. A few ways in which dental anywhere aims to make your task easy are:

There are a number of other facilities which will make you love this app, once you download it and is an active user. Dental Anywhere is also a free app and it is available to both iOS and Android users.


Chompers is indeed designed to keep you as well as the children in your family entertained while you brush. In fact, it features stories, jokes, songs, etc. – all of which last for a duration of more or less 2 minutes (which is the correct amount of time for which you should be brushing your teeth!) each episode is available twice a day. Apart from entertaining you, this app also keeps a track of how often the user is using it and rewards them too!


Have you ever wondered whether you are brushing the right way? If yes, then the Colgate Connect app could be of much benefit to you. The app works with the Colgate Connect E1 toothbrush. It has been designed by dentists, scientists and users to give you the experience of:

When you are brushing with the E1 toothbrush, the app actually creates a map of your teeth and suggests ways to improve your brushing technique. It also has a game called Go Pirate, which is designed to make brushing more fun. Originally Colgate Connect is available to iOS users only but would eventually evolve for the Android consumers too!


This is an app for kids that actually turn bushing into a game. Your kid actually brushes for two minutes while playing the app. The game has a villain – an evil sorceress. After brushing for 2 minutes daily for a month, your kid will have the opportunity to fight away the villain. This gets your kid into the habit of brushing and makes the whole affair a fun-filled one for the child. The app has an adult’s corner too! It allows you to monitor your kid’s brushing status and set up a calendar for his or her brushing.


This is also app for the kids! Although this app can be used by adults too, such that they can get into the regular habit of oral hygiene, yet, kids are the main target section. It plays your favorite music to reduce the boredom that brushing time actually creates. The app also includes important features like:

In a nutshell, the number of dental apps available today are many. It solely depends on your requirements and personal preference as to which one would you go for. But dental apps are something you must give a try in order to instill good oral habits for healthy dental life! 

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